• Average walking time 1.30 ore
  • Elevation gain uphill 200 mt
  • Elevation gain downhill 200 mt

Campocatino - Hermitage of S. Viano

Campocatino - Hermitage S. Viano

Campocatino , at the foot of the rock face of Mount Roccandagia , is an ancient pastures of shepherds and one of the most popular places in the whole Garfagnana. This easy walk follows the route of the procession that in the month of June and the month of September brings the statue of the Blessed Viviano from the Hermitage to the small chapel built in the center of the basin of Campocatino. San Viano or Viviano lived in the hermitage built under an overhanging rock face by eating only wild cabbage that grew here in abundance in every season. A saint never officially acknowledged that the entire population of Vagli is extremely devout , from protector of shepherds, who once climbed numerous pasture Campocatino , a patron of the miners when , with the advent of the excavation of marble, the economy of this area has changed. For those wishing to lengthen the time of the route, a beautiful mule trail CAI 177, starts from Vagli Sopra and reaches Campocatino. Average journey time 40 minutes.

The little Hermitage is open during the summer thanks to some volunteers who ensure the opening.
For info contact the restaurant “Il Rifugio” in Campocatino tel. 0583 664020 mobile phone 3398500873 or 3466941861.

It’s necessary to pay attention to the path expecially in the part of trail that goes down to San Viano in case of rain or in winter when there is snow or ice.

hiking map scale 1:25.000 by Marco Barbieri
developed with the license Creative Commons BY-NC-SA