• Average walking time 6 hrs
  • Elevation gain uphill 470 mt
  • Elevation gain downhill 470 mt

Monte Prado loop

Monte Prado loop

The Rifugio Cella (Cella Shelter) is the starting point of this trip which can be reached by the gravel track from Casone di Profecchia. A slight incline indicated by CAI n. 54 takes you to the Appenine crest of Bocca di Massa. From here, take the left direction CAI n. 00 which reaches the tops of Cella (1942 m.), Monte Vecchio (1982 m.) and Monte Prato (2054 m. above sea level) which is the highest summit of the Tuscan Appenines. The track CAI n. 631, to the right, descends to the small Bargetana lake then on to the Rifugio Cesare Battisti (Cesare Battisti Shelter). To return to Bocca di Massa follow the CAI n. 633 directions.