• Average walking time 5 hrs
  • Elevation gain uphill 700 mt
  • Elevation gain downhill 700 mt

Monte Forato loop

Monte Forato Loop

From the village of Fornovolasco the CAI track n. 6 ascends to the Foce di Petrosciana, passing near the Tana che Urla (cave) and the Sorgente della Chiesaccia (spring). From the Foce di Pretrosciana the track n. 110 takes you along the crest of the mountain passing near the arch of Monte Forato (1223 m. above sea level) then reaching la Foce di Valli. The alternative route is marked with CAI n. 131 which descends slightly to a lower quota and leads to the same location to the foot of the southern side of Pania della Croce. From here the direction indicated by CAI n. 130, passes a few remote houses then back to the village of Fornovolasco.
A shorter itinerary is to descend from Monte Forato by the CAI n. 12 until you reach the CAI n. 6 again and continue back to Fornovolasco (3,30 hours).

Hiking map by Marco Barbieri scale 1:25.000
Map distributed with license Creative Commons BY-NC-SA