• Average walking time 7.30 hrs
  • Elevation gain uphill 500 m
  • Elevation gain downhill 500 m

Mountain Hut Battisti or La Foce - San Pellegrino in Alpe

Stage 8

From the CAI mountain hut “C. Battisti” (or from La Foce) we climb to the summit of Monte Prado (2054 m. a.s.l.), the highest peak of Tuscany. Everything around this area is great: the wide valley of Abetina Reale, the thick beech tree forests of Orecchiella Natural Park, the extensive meadows full of bilberries; in an unreal silence broken only by the wind, it will not surprising to see a flock of grazing mouflon, flying a golden eagle or to hear an whistle of a marmot.
The walk continues towards Monte Vecchio, Monte Cella, Passo del Giovarello, Alpicella delle Radici and finally Passo delle Radici after which we meet the State road which connects Garfagnana to Modena; crossing this road and follow the country road to reach San Pellegrino in Alpe (1525 m. a.s.l.) the highest village of the valley, situated along the old road that since the middle ages has linked Pianura Padana with Tuscany.
The hostel dedicated to Saint Pellegrino, hermit of unknown origin, greeted travellers, pilgrims, merchants and soldiers of fortune who passed these impervious places. The tiny village offers accommodations to travellers and the Museum of agricultural and pature work brings to mind to life of mountain people. Overnight stay at Hotel Lunardi at Passo delle Radici (tel. 0583 649071), Rifugio Pradaccio (tel. 339 8719534) or in San Pellegrino in Alpe at Hotels L’Appennino (tel. 0583 649069) or L’Alpino (tel 0583 649068) and La Taverna del Pellegrino (tel. 0583 649074). At 2 Km from the village there is Rifugio Pradaccio.(tel. 3289356219 – 3202136137 )