• Average walking time 6.30 hrs
  • Elevation gain uphill 300 m
  • Elevation gain downhill 350 m

Val Serenaia - Altopiano dell'Argegna

Stage 5

With this day our adventure in the Apuan Alps is brought to an end; other peaks await us, close but diverse in their conformation. In the upland plateau of Argegna, with wide meadows that surround the white shrine of Madonna della Guardia, we can reach our target by two different routes.
The first one (5b), the quickest, almost on paved road from Foce della Rifogliola through wide chestnuts leads us first into Perdetola (farm holiday “Da Pasquino” tel. 0583 610295) then Albiano and Foce dei Carpinelli and finally Argegna.
The second one, from Foce della Rifogliola, descends to the village Gramolazzo (anyone who wishes to spend one more night on the Apuan side, has the possibility to stay, nearby the lake, in hotels or in the campsite Lago Apuane, tel. 0583 1807364 – 340 9044988).

The route goes on towards Agliano, Castagnola, Prati di Debbia where the footpath is brought together to meet the trail that descends from Piazza al Serchio, reaching Capoli and Giuncugnano. One last upwards slope before we reach the upland plateau of Argegna from which we admire the best scenery of all route. Accommodation is offered at the shrine Madonna della Guardia (tel. 0583 611097 open from April to October); in summertime possible overnight stay at Campsite Argegna (tel. 0583 611182) which has bungalows; or in hotels at Passo dei Carpinelli.

Short Tour: Average walking time 3.30 hrs