• Average walking time 6.30 ore
  • Lenght 24 km
  • Elevation gain uphill 15 mt
  • Elevation gain downhill 90 mt

4. Borgo a Mozzano - Lucca

4. Borgo a Mozzano - Lucca

Via Umberto I° links Borgo with San Rocco, the two nuclear centers which compose Borgo a Mozzano. From the train underpass which goes once again to the Ludovica road, turn on the right until the entry of the Gothic Line bunkers, a tragical testimony of the Second World War. Crossed the street, you can reach the football field, finding a large gravel road which goes along the riverbed of Serchio, until the “Fondovalle” road close to Diecimo di Pescaglia. Ten roman miles, corresponding to ten thousand steps, is the distance to cover untill our final stage Lucca and that’s the origin of Diecimo’s name too. Cross the borough to enter in the “Fondovalle” road after the bridge on Pedogna torrent. Re-entered in the main road for a while, we keep on staying out of traffic walking on the old alternative road which passes under the ruins of an antique roman church, where there is a fresh fount too. From the circle, you take the street for Valdottavo untill the cross for Domazzano, a street to follow for four kilometres to entry in the regional road near to Ponte di Rivangaio and the Maddaleni cave (one way road for trucks in direction to Lucca) to go to Sesto di Moriano. Following internal roads, you can reach Ponte a Moriano; crossed the bridge of Sant’Ansano, turn on the right and here you can find the signals for the bicycle path of the fluvial park, a very nice route of eight kilometres which leads you to Lucca.


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